About Us

Hey there, and welcome to Verbosal.com, where English isn’t just words—it’s your new superpower!

Who Are We?

We’re Lily and Nathan, a sister-brother duo who live and breathe English. We made Verbosal.com because we know the right words can get you a friendly chat or a big business win. So think of us as your friendly guides in the world of English chat, handshakes, and everything in between.

What’s the Deal?

Here’s the scoop on what we’ve got for you:

  • Daily Chit-Chat: Nail your everyday talks with lessons that are like having a coffee with a friend.
  • Boss-Level Business Talk: Impress the suits and climb that ladder with tips that mean business.
  • Brainy eBooks: Get smart on the bus or in a cafe with eBooks you can take anywhere.
  • Clever Tools: Check out our free tools that are as easy as pie and just as sweet.

Join the Verbosal Family

We made this place for you – the wordy wonders, the grammar geeks, the late-night readers, and the hi-there greeters. At Verbosal.com, every word counts, and we’re here to make sure yours do.

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Chat soon,

Lily & Nathan
Verbosal.com Co-Founders