23 Questions to Ask a Coding Bootcamp Before Enrolling

Lily Parker

When considering enrolling in a coding boot camp, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible to ensure it’s the right fit for your goals and needs.

Here are some important questions to ask:

Curriculum and Instruction

1. What programming languages and technologies are covered in the curriculum?

Understanding the specific skills you will learn helps determine if they align with your career goals.

2. How is the curriculum structured, and how often is it updated?

This question helps assess the relevance and currency of the materials in the fast-paced tech industry.

3. Can you provide details on the instructors’ qualifications and industry experience?

The quality of instructors can significantly impact your learning experience.

4. What is the instructor-to-student ratio?

Smaller class sizes can lead to more personalized attention and support.

5. How much of the program is hands-on coding versus theoretical learning?

Hands-on experience is vital for skill-building in coding.

6. Do you have sample projects or portfolios of past students that I can see?

Seeing actual work can help you gauge the level of skills taught and the quality of the projects you may be expected to produce.

Career Support and Outcomes

7. What type of career services do you offer during and after the boot camp?

Support like resume writing, job search assistance, and interview preparation can be crucial for transitioning into the workforce.

8. What are the job placement rates for graduates, and what companies have they been hired at?

This information helps you understand how successful past graduates have been in securing jobs in the field.

9. Do you offer any formal hiring partnerships or networking opportunities with tech companies?

Connections with industry can be invaluable for finding a job.

10. Can I speak with alumni about their experiences and outcomes?

First-hand accounts provide insight into the program’s effectiveness and what to expect post-graduation.

Financial Questions

11. What is the total cost of the program, and what does it include?

Knowing the full cost upfront helps you assess affordability and value for money.

12. Are there any hidden costs, such as for software or materials?

It’s essential to budget for all potential expenses.

13. Do you offer financial aid, scholarships, or payment plans?

This may be necessary if you require financial assistance.

14. Is there a refund policy if I decide to withdraw from the bootcamp?

Understanding the financial commitment and risks involved in case your plans change is essential.

Schedule and Flexibility

15. What are the start dates, and how flexible is the schedule?

You’ll need to know if the bootcamp fits into your personal schedule.

16. Is the program full-time or part-time, and what is the weekly time commitment?

This affects how you’ll balance bootcamp with other responsibilities.

17. Are there options for remote learning or self-paced study?

Flexibility might be necessary, especially if you’re working or have other commitments.


Post-Bootcamp Support Questions

18. How do you support graduates in their job search?

Continuous support can be a determining factor in your success after the bootcamp.

19. Do you offer any continuing education or development opportunities for alumni?

The tech field evolves rapidly, and ongoing learning opportunities can help you stay current.

20. Is there an active alumni network, and how can it help me in my career?

A strong network can provide mentorship and job leads.

21. Do you offer any guarantees of employment after completion of the program?

Some bootcamps offer job guarantees, which can be a sign of their confidence in their training and network.

22. Are there any collaborative opportunities or projects with real companies during the bootcamp?

Real-world experience can be invaluable and make you more attractive to future employers.

23. What post-bootcamp resources are available, like advanced courses or workshops?

Continued learning resources will help you as technology and industry needs evolve.

Obtaining clear, detailed answers to these questions is crucial in making an informed decision about which coding bootcamp will best suit your personal and professional objectives.